As the Interior Turnkey Solution Provider, we always look after the project at the execution level till its reality. Executing of any design on its real-time, sounds very simple, however, in reality the project involves many more factors to be checked to finish like People Management, First Level Execution Plan, End Level Finishing Plan and Last but not the least the evaluation. We cannot jump to another new project without following the process. Due to the job handling capability, we are able to execute some among the best projects in India. Following are the details of our projects mentioned briefly.

  • Obiray Hotel (Trident) Mumbai, Nariman Point 14000 2009 Vinu Nayak & Associates Civil & Carpentry
  • Hotel City Palace, udaipur Udaipur 25000 2005 Virel Parek & Associates Turnkey
  • Majestic Bar & Restaurant Mumbai 5500 1991 Sanjay Kadam & Associates Civil & Carpentry